Lecce vs Venice Game Preview 20 May 2021

Serie B is getting close to the end of this season, who is going to Serie A next year?

Lecce will be the hosting team for the guest from Venice in the Serie B semifinal. The outcome from the first match was in favor of Venice (1-0). The whole match was a great football performance in front of both goals. But the effectiveness was on the Venice side who put 18 total shots on the Lecce’s goal, and 6 shots on target. The ball possession was almost equal throughout the game, but the attacking skills were more effective for the Venice team.

Lecce are in bad form lately, they lost 3 and played 1 draw out of the last 4 games in Serie B, which brings into question their ability to win tonight's match. But on the other hand Venice have played 3 draw games in a row in Serie B, which brings into question the predictability of this game.

So this makes it very exciting to find out who's going to be the traveler to the best italian league, Serie A. The goal-scoring wasn’t going easy in the first game, because the chances were created, but something was simply missing at the final moment in front of the opponent's goal. But this could change tonight, if they continue to play offensive football like in the first match, things might go in a different mode where they can witness plenty of goal scoring.

Both teams are healthy, so this makes it easier for Eugenio Corini (Lecce’s manager) and Paolo Zanetti (Venezia’s manager) to bring the best on the pitch and make their fans proud with a great football performance. 

Lecce vs Venice Game Preview

So tune in and find out the outcome of this very interesting and unpredictable match with huge value for both clubs.

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