Privacy policy

Privacy policy

User privacy is of paramount importance to TopBookie, so our terms on this are listed below.

Collecting personal information

When browsing our site, we do not collect your personal details, though for other functions such as newsletter subscription, this is clearly required.

Storing your information

All data held by us is confidential and we regularly ensure that any information that we hold is required. Furthermore, opportunities are readily available to unsubscribe from our website.

Our usage of your information

As mentioned, confidentiality is crucial to us and our website, so we will only use the information that you provide us with as described in the below subheadings: Contact you, Disclosing Personal Information, Consent Provision and General

Contact you

We will keep you up-to-date with the latest news from our website.

Disclosing Personal Information

In some cases, the law states the need to reveal information to a third parties; this is the same for statistics of services that we provide. Our site will not sell or rent your information to a third party, but we do reserve the right to do this should that party be trustworthy – though you will, of course, be contacted before this to ask your permission.

If we share data with any third party with regards to sales etc., any data shared will not identify you.

Consent Provision

When using, you agree for the gathering of information for the reasons specified above. We will let you know should anything from our Privacy Policy change.

General cannot be held responsible for any conclusions drawn by visitors when using information that is provided by us. This includes decisions based around choosing to use third parties’ services, and any information provided does not have guaranteed accuracy.

No gambling or gaming is offered by and, particularly in regions where iGaming is against the law, our site is to be used purely for informative purposes. In these instances, we are not encouraging betting, including with any affiliate or sponsored websites that we promote.

Likewise, cannot be held accountable for any losses that you incur on decisions based on any information from, especially with regards to the reliability of statistics; any promotions that customers choose from third party sites, such as freebets, are always at the website visitor’s own danger, with not responsible for any loss. won’t be liable for any country, region or local law that is broken following the use of our website. The individual is responsible for ensuring that they adhere to law enforcement.

It should be noted that, due to the live nature of betting – particularly in sports – odds, promotions and prices can change rapidly, so no guarantee is offered for their accuracy; views on, therefore, are personal opinions.

Gambling can be an addiction and encourages anyone that feels they may be at risk of this to visit which offers free advice.

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